Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (Subclass 888)

Once you fulfil the requirements ad qualify for the provisional business visa, you reach the second stage of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188). This is a Permanent Residency visa that permits the family members of the applicant to work, study and live in Australia.

With this visa, the applicant can:

  • Continue to manage and own a business in Australia for the Business Innovation stream.
  • Continue the entrepreneurial activity in Australia under the Entrepreneur stream.
  • Continue investment and business activity in Australia under other streams.

What are the requirements for Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (Subclass 888)?

You must be the primary holder of provisional Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188).
  • All the requirements in the stream of Business innovation and investment visa should also be complied by the applicant.
  • You are holding a special category visa (subclass 444) and comply with the statutory requirements laid under the business innovation stream.
  • The applicant is the second visa holder who is either a de facto partner of a provisional Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188) holder in the Business innovation or investor stream. The applicant is required to meet all the requirements laid under permanent Business Innovation and Investment visa.
  • The applicant must not be involved in any illegal investment activity or unacceptable business.

There are some additional requirements which are laid as follows:

  • The commonwealth laws must be duly complied with by the partner of the applicant.
  • The business operating in each Territory or State must also comply by commonwealth laws including the employment of employees.
  • Australian territory or state must nominate the applicant or Austrade on the behalf of the Australian government.
  • The character, as well as health requirements, must be fulfilled by the applicant as well as by the family members. If already proved under the provisional Business innovation and investment visa, it is not required to prove again.
  • Any other requirement laid by the stream under which the applicant is holding the provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa (Subclass 188).
  • The applicant must possess a real intention for investment activities and maintain a business in Australia.

How can we assist you in procuring Business Innovation and Investment visa (Subclass 188)?

With our extensive experience in the field of immigration, we understand each intricacy involved in the process of visa application and offer tailor-made solutions to each application to duly comply with the prescribed laws. Our systematic approach helps in organizing, preparing, documenting and lodging the visa application and ensures a higher success rate for visa approvals.
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