Sponsored Relative Visa

Sponsored Parent 870 Visa

The visa allows the parents to reunite with their children living in Australia temporarily for long periods than Visitor visas, around 5 years at a time without departing and ensures that the taxpayers not cover the additional costs. However, it is only a temporary visa and does not allow for residing permanently. The applicants can apply for sponsorship from April 17, 2019. Under Sponsored Parent 870 visa the visa holders must abide by a “no work” condition and hence not indulge in any kind of job or work.


In every program year a total of 15,000 sponsored parent temporary visa will be granted. Once the application for sponsorship gets approved, the applicant can apply for Sponsored Parent temporary visa within 6 months of sponsorship approval.

Sponsorship Requirements:

At a time per household only 2 parents can be sponsored by this visa. The parent must be either the biological, step or adoptive parent of the sponsor who must be a citizen of Australia, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. The minimum taxable income of the sponsor should be $83,454.80. The applicant should be devoid of any public health or Commonwealth debts. Also, it is necessary to provide the police clearance for all the countries in which the applicant has lived for above 12 months at a time in the last 10 years.

Sponsorship Obligations:

A parent sponsor must provide accommodation as well as financially in Australia for their parent. They should keep records and whenever required or asked by the authorities provide it to the Department. The parent sponsor should also pay for the parent’s health debts in Australia. In case of breach in sponsorship obligations, the Department can cancel the sponsorship resulting in departing Australia or barring the sponsor which prohibits them from sponsoring parents for a time period.

Sponsorship cost:

The fee for sponsorship application amounts up to $420.

Visa Requirements:

The applicant of Sponsored Parent temporary visa must be at least 18 years old, must be outside Australia, provide evidence for health assurance as well access to funds and be devoid of any public health debt. Also, he/she must fulfil the character, health and national security requirements satisfactorily.

Visa Cost:

For up to three years duration the visa application cost comes up to $5,000 and for five years duration, the visa application charge totals up to $10,000. The payment can be made in two instalments with one instalment at the time of application and the second paid before the visa is granted.

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